02/05/2024: Added “Solar Map”

29/04/2024: Added “Ardem Feet Affinity” and updated every other Ardem Artworks and Reference Sheets

27/04/2024: Added “Ardem Hips and Thighs Affinity” and regular “Ardem” Artworks

23/04/2024: Added “Ardem Tum Affinity” Artworks and “Ardem Reference Sheets”

21/04/2024: Added “Ardem Key Art” and “Ardem Bosom Affinity” Artworks

04/04/2024: Added first iteration of “Meora MAP” as World map

02/04/2024: Added “Scribe and Narrator” second Artwork.

29/03/2024: Added “Scribe and Narrator” Key Artwork and Lewd Artworks.

27/03/2024: Added Character Sheets for Scribe and Narrator.

26/03/2024: Added “Scribe and Narrator” first Artwork.