Thanks to recent inventions and scientific revolutions provided to us by our bright Angel of Prudence, astronomy too was affected and advanced. We were able to study far beyond previously possible, understanding not just our star system, but limitless vasts of space too. Novel light pollution and stray light from our planet’s ring system are still occasionally interfering in exploration of night sky, making it much harder to track even local planets from some regions, but a set of newer built telescopes on Toe Cape of Feet Republic and Southern Promontory of Her Left Forearm Peninsula are coordinating with each other and able to glance as far as couple galaxy clusters away. Astronomers believe that the next step to help explore and see even further would be to send powerful telescopes into orbit, or even beyond our planet… but considering that every matter we use to build and progress is gathered from Her flesh, Herquisition is considering this speech unforgiving and ignorant, though not blasphemous anymore.

At the center of our system is a contact binary: two equal size hydrogen-helium stars, Shata and Nata (Delightful and Beautiful from ancient language of the Giants), slowly orbiting and barely touching each other. Considering how young their contact is, we should have no fear of them merging into a luminous explosion for hundreds of millions of years (and hopefully by that time we will find a way to get rid of verminous Serpent from this Existence). When Nata and Shata are perfectly positioned it in the sky resembling Her holy symbol it is considered a great day for body or spirit (depending which star rises first).

Main planetary formation of our star system comprised of eight planets: Salameni, Junaarta, Proteramon, Meorenell, Naurolan, Circel-Pata, Pharofarus and Zarosharil. All named after ancient Queens of Tum region, except for our home – Meorenell, which from language of the Giants translates to “Meora’s rest”.

Salameni is the smallest and closest planet to Shata-Nata. Scorching hot with a hostile environment of constant volcanic activities, greenschist slush and pools of molten copper deposits should dominate the surface even at night. The atmosphere is dense and thick, mainly composed of carbon dioxide and argon. Two formless rock surround it on a very low orbit as natural satellites for a time being.

Junaarta and Proteramon sisters are second and third planet respectfully. Both planets are barren, with no activity and fully depleted atmosphere. Their orbit paths are just 0.06 light seconds apart from each other, and they will most likely collapse when get in close proximity, but this contact should not happen for the next 255 million years, as right now they are orbiting on relatively same speed with a current orbital distance of 67 degrees.

Junaarta’s many dried volcanic creeks and craggy basaltic highlands are covered in thick layer of sulfuric sand and potassium dust. Traces on equatorial deserts suggest that the planet had at least some thin layer of atmosphere less than a thirty thousand years ago, but eventually lost even that for some reason. Barely any impact craters can be seen on a planet’s wrinkled landscape, many suggest anything that would reach Junaarta was attracted by Proteramon. A single gray moon Rian follows it.

Proteramon show signs for plentiful of metal deposits on its smooth ammonia-oxidized surface, and a network of subterranean tunnels with ammonia water under the crust of its northern pole is present. Many impact craters scattered on the southern hemisphere, half of which is a consequence of a meteor swarm from billions of years ago; but the most important one is on equator – fresh, a few thousand years. Every Engifted knows where it is without seeing it, as it always calls for us.

Meorenell is the Fourth Planet, chosen by Meora to be our home… and a prison for the Alleater. It has no moons, but a faint ring system that is composed of ice dust and small rocks laced with Her gorgeous arms broken into billions of shards. It is almost impossible to tell anything about what Meorenell was before Meora arrived – she covered the entire planet with her locks and tails, a layer of a dozen kilometers thick. No one dares to dig to deep, as a respect of Her will and as a fear of Its Envy. Considering other bodies in our system, this planet could be similar to Proteramon.

Naurolan is the only planet in this system that can be naturally habitable for us. Lush terrain, with an oxygen-rich thick atmosphere, and liquid, hopefully drinkable, water. Night side is often wreathed in haze. Most exciting fact is that after prolonged observation it was concluded that unknown intelligent tribe lives on this planet, and right now they should be in their bronze age of development. A lot of scenarios and questions were raised about this new civilization: was it Meora who gave birth to them? Can they be influenced by the Serpent? Or they already are? How they should be treated when we meet?… How should we treat our own kin, when they are born and raised on another world, not from Her flesh and tears? Observation of this civilization is what made Herquistion reconsider views on space exploration and rewrite many social laws, prompting heated debates in their chambers on how to advance and progress our civilization beyond Meorenell.

Circel-Pata is the sixth, largest and last terrestrial world of our system. Massive crater on one hemisphere and thick natural Kessler syndrome tells about cataclysm that happened on this planet billions of years ago, causing significant damage and wiping any ecosystem clean – making it impossible for future life to exist there. Extensive deposits of platinum, silver, nickel and cobalt can be observed inside rim area of the great crater. Not a lot more to tell about this dead planet.

Pharofarus is a mostly hydrogen-helium gas giant. Vast lightning storm fronts, constant ammonia rainfalls and lethal radiation emissions as the result of helium ionization. It unsurprisingly have only a handful of survived satellites, while other were either swallowed by Pharofarus itself or stolen by Zarosharil billions of years ago.

On the edge of our system is Zarosharil – another gas giant. Traces for high content of sodium and chlorine in its atmosphere. With a mass approximately six time that of Pharofarus, it is the biggest planet in the system and a source of deep gravity well which tugs many outer system travelers. It has 225 satellites, ranging from captured asteroids to a couple moons the size of Salameni. An immense ring can be observed even with basic telescopes.

Beyond that is a massive asteroid belt and scattered discs of smaller rocks, ammonia ice, asteroids, dwarf planets and space radiation.











“Today is Fourth day of the Month of Thiccpril, Year One Thousand One Hundred Seventy of the Age of Aspects, the Year of Family Force; Seventy-secondth day since natural passing of all-beloved and honorable Flattus Bellus III, of venerable and esteemed Venter dynasty, former benevolent Malika of Tum, undivided Queen of Abs and foremost Sovereign on the Sea of Birth; born trice blessed – born witnessed by Meora on Bornday, born to a Sacred Tribe one of Eight, and born Engifted with Creation; Seventy-secondth day of a seventy-three-day Mourning for Flattus Bellus III departure, be she remembered Joyful in Mind, Gorgeous in Body and Righteous in Deeds to all generations and to our Joyful and Gorgeous Allmother.”








Meorenell standard calendar year, as constituted by Herquisition administration and approved by the Supreme Council of Her’s in Year 22, starts with the First Day, followed by 8 months, then ends with the Last Day. Each month is solemnized by one of Eight Sacred Tribes in honor of Holy Aspects of Her they are blessed with. Months are, in order: Feetruary, Kneevember, Thightober, Thiccpril, Tumtober, Absegins, Bustegnis, Neckus. Each month consist of 29 days.

A week cycle lasts 8 days, for Her every final Breaths of Creation, which are: Breethday, Wavesday, Grothday, Zversday, Bornday, Wisday, Voxday, Mournday. In most nations Zversday and Mournday are considered resting days; Mournday is always the day of mourning for our Allmother, as imposed by Herquisition after the First Assembly, albeit was traditioned before Age of Aspects.

Additionally, every 29 years a Seductive/Horny/Naughty/Lusty Day is added, between the Last Day of that year and the First Day of next year, to keep calendar years synchronized with planet’s orbital years.

A day is 32 Hours, one hours is 48 minutes, one minute is 64 seconds.






Who are we to Her? Are we Her last children, left to sorrow for our Allmother in the world that should be filled with bliss? Are we the echoes of long dead civilizations, corrupted and consumed by the Serpent in its path, but reborn anew by Her Light? Or are we Her last and most prefect creation, in body and mind beautiful alike Her, made to be wardens of the most Envious and malignant creature in all existences? After centuries of questioning we hear only silence.

Yet, we exist – and we are grateful to Her for that; She gave us alluring bodies – and we are grateful to Her for that too; she gave us free passionate will – and we are grateful to Her for that again… and so we choose. We choose to be sentinels of Her resting Gorgeous Body and sleeping Joyful Spirit. And whether She wanted it or not, we took to bear Her duties in this world while She is gone: we choose to be the Knights of Creation against the Perpetual Devourer. And we do so in Her name… In Her Light.

Exalted by Her Aspects, perfected in her Gorgeousness, and as Joyful in spirit. Eight Sacred Tribes, Most beloved and preeminent of Her children, revered by sistren, ushered by Angels.

Some believe that the Exaltation could be foretold beforehand: Eight Sacred tribes were already chosen when first born thousands years ago, why else their history was always bright and exceptional, while population was growing disproportionately and rapidly compared to others. Some believe The Exaltation itself happened the first day Tribes come forth from Her womb; Her Aspects lived among us for thousands of years until decided to reveal themselves, hidden careless of our folly, or served to as Queens and Empresses thought to be most sexiest and hottest, or designing miracles as we believed them to be just greatest Engifted of their time. Some other believe that Meora was testing Her children through Age of Crumbling, and Aspects were truly earned through devotion to Her Light: by rejection of Serpent’s temptation, by praising aesthetics of body and artistry of mind – and so at the Exaltation Day She blessed those most deservest and admired by Her and by other sisters .

Regardless, today Eight Sacred Tribes are bearers of Her Will and bringer of Her Light. With vivid ardor and fervor of Her Aspects in their mind to burn envious ugliness, with radiant beauty and seduction of their bodies to enrage the hungry darkness. Be they Gorgeous and Joyful forever, all carriers of Her Aspect, the most glorious of us!

Beside Eight Sacred Tribes there are twenty four lesser ones, who were not sublime enough to bear Her Aspects when the time of Exaltation has come, but still grateful to be Her children and be sisters to the sacred ones.

When first Angels were begotten: Angles said to aspectless tribes “Serve”, and so we knelt and served. And so twenty four tribes pledge their service, and service of their children, and service of their descendants. Pledging their service twice: in the name of chosen Aspects, and in the name of Allmother Meora – Gorgeous and Joyful.

We not understands how exactly First Angels decided to apportion subservient Tribes between each others, nor should we really care and question – but be only greatful. Some are physically similar to a Sacred Tribes they serve, some are mentally, some to to each other and not to their sovereigns. Regardless, we are twice glad to be servants in two names.

From Hamuns – begone after crusades of the Hegemony, to the Giants – quietly succumbed on Cursed Islands. Forever lost and outright perished. Age of Crumbling stole Her children, our sistren, because of nature, because of gnawing Envasions, because of our stupidity, and we still don’t know how many. Just last decade remains of two unknown tribes were found in recently discovered tunnels deep under the Sea of Birth, presumably drowned in Her tears like other extinct tribes of that time: when earth, they founded first settlements on, crumbled and took them all into the sea depths.

Right now we know that at least fifty Two tribes were born… and twenty of them are… must be mourned by us, who still live. It is our promise to Meora, our mother, to not let her cry again from sorrow, but only from bliss – and so we should not perish, but prosper and reproduce, so she feel only merriment after seeing children of her children.






Devoted but Lecherous

For centuries Ardem tribe has the largest population in Meority thanks to their immense desire for… procreation; and if not for low fertility rate of their eggs it would be extremely high way before current age. Around every second month is a mating season for Ardem, during this time faint smell of cinnamon and fruits from their sweat and pheromones soars around. While growing appetite and infatuations can warn about incoming carnal desires beforehand, it became routinely for kins of other tribes to expect delays or halts in some systems and infrastructures during these weeks. But we should pray first for Ardem’s othertribe partners, trapped and wrapped in web of endless love – it is a great challenge for them to survive emaciation and exhaustion and tortures of pleasures.

Except… there is another way Ardem can channel their prurience. As much as they are passionate about sexual pleasures, it all comes to mental response from physical and psychical sensations, receiving or giving, and a minor re-wiring can easily turn desires for lust and procreation into frenzy of ruination. A mental switch that can easily turn any Ardem into a vicious berserk who revels in carnage and seeks for pain.

Confrontation face-to-face with Ardem warriors in such state were always dreaded by other tribes: with razor-sharp blades on their quick tails, and piercing claws and fangs, they swiftly shred their victims in a carnival of flesh; not bothering if mangling themselves in the process, for their brain shuts off any limits on body – even if blades and hands are broken, and earth is soaking wet with own blood leaking from bone-shattered limbs – with a smile they will hunger for more pain, own and foe’s. The most terrifying thing is to realize that such amorous and seductive people like Ardem can turn into bloodthirsty creature not from hate or envy, or to protect what dearest to them, but for pure pleasure.

During less civilized times of our history some nations would count Ardem as a major war asset, managing military campaigns according to their mating seasons and population on each side. Though, most disastrously infamous battles were made when both side would send their numerous Ardem on each other, resulting only in combined wave slaughtering every otherkin around – for Ardem berserks don’t attack one another as long as they can sense other victims around.

It doesn’t mean that outside of these seasons Ardem are not sexually active, but at least they are sober enough to become remarkably diligent and endeavorous members of society, committing themselves to amend “wasted” time, never afraid of assuming responsibility or take difficult tasks, performing best at their capacity, and extra if possible. For Ardem laziness is inadmissible in bed and work alike, so they expect each other (and other tribes) to commit the same, or face systemic contempt and scorn. In reality they want to uphold societal stability for own good, so they can continue dedicating themselves to what they like to do the most without worsening of enjoyments and qualities of life we achieved after centuries of progress.

Comfortable with openly exhibiting own beauty and sensuality, Ardem set an example which other tribes quickly followed, and eventually Expressions of the Body were not seen as shameful since well before preserved history (in reasonable suggestive limits of course, unless Revealing is imposed by religion or status).

As a result of promiscuous lifestyle Ardem don’t commit to long relationship even as friends. They also don’t hold common concepts of family besides The Parent who takes responsibility for an egg and its hatch, Ardem couple usually deem marriage as a mutual contract for betterment of raising multyple offspring before everyone in a family part their ways; even children of same biological parents might not accept each other as members of one house.


Ardem comprise of four distinct genetic groups: Ardem De are the most common and most lustful of them; Ardem Va are truly vicious – during mating season they often turn to violent side instead of procreation, hunting for Cults of Envy or Jealous Beasts, hence they are genetic minority; Ardem Al are sanguineous in a different way – they are fascinated with feeling of pain and prefer very rough and extreme activities for body and mind, so if you don’t make them moan from pleasure of agony in bed… then it will be you; Ardem Do are the shy ones (for their kin) – their sexual drive is not as licentious, mating seasons are shorter and they can even bond to a single partner for a long marriage.

Ulike many other tribes, instead of commonly structured nose with nostrils Ardem have four spiracle-like orifices on their necks with “nasal” cavities surrounding trachea tube before connecting to it slightly below. Respiratory system, however, is still connected to Pharynx for voice modulation through use of airflow. Under primary eyes there are two smaller ones which can see ultraviolet light. Besides scalp Ardem are absolutely hairless. Syringe-like fangs designed to quickly deliver substance from venom glands in a swift bite, and in Ardem’s case it is an aphrodisiac: compatible with most other tribes but highly potent thence dangerous.

Ardem have spinnerets on each wrist under carpus, and are typically segmented into three orifices, each producing own filament. Silk glands located in forearms inner side and between bones. Combining filaments from both arms can produce silk thread strong enough to hold weight of own weaver, and when Ardem fully emptying silks glands they can produce a thread of such strength forty times longer than own body height. For more precise work on web Ardem use nails on hands and feet to separate and move filaments around.


There was no peculiarity in Ardem migration patterns during Age of Crumbling, with a rapidly growing population they would settle on every new lands that was discovered. However after second Angel of Love was elected as the Matriarch of the Church of Thighs, many flock to the northern regions where her teaching of Thighs is spread wide, and avoid Realms of Bosom where it is despised. Every Sacred Tribe worship their Aspect, but Ardem are so passion and dedicated to Angel of Love and Her Church, it is hard to find any Ardem goods which are not adorned with a Rune of Love or Trigon of Hips and Thighs. There in church, through spiritual discipline and prayers on Thighs, Ardem embrace and rejoice inner desires, to be able repent and repel them later when its needed the most. Moreover, the Church of Thighs is taking care of Ardem whose carnal desires are danger even for their sistrenkin. They are shaving scalp clean to wear sacrosanct Gimp Garb, and either: chastise and surrenders oneself to surreptitious Horny Attics of Thigh Churches where Angel of Love personally drain them of lusthood, or decent into dungeons of the Golden City to hunt heinous Cult of the Worm… in any case, it almost impossible for these Ardem to return ever again.


Current Population as of Year 1170 of the Age of Aspects: ~200,000,000

Four Great Nations Affinity: Empire of Hips and Thighs > Feet Republic > Kingdom of Tum > Realms of Bosom

Solemn Month: Thightober

Aspect: Love


Av. Height: 169

Av. Weight: 87

Av. Age: 71


Av. Height: 171

Av. Weight: 83

Av. Age: 72

Av. Length: 21

Ardem De

Ardem Va

Ardem Al

Ardem Do

Loyal but Ferocious

Tofar’s most notable physical features are their faintly-poisoned keratin spines, but especially their ominous bone masks. Like deciduous teeth, it breaks and sheds a few times in their childhood, until permanent one starts forming during teenage years. It grows from temporal and mandible parts of a skull, really tight to their skin, with a layer of microflora between – as a way of protection from dirt, dust, infections and diseases that can occur in these hard-to-clean gaps.

Remains of primal and feral ancestors show that ancient Tofars had a much different mask than their modern, specially Noble, descendants. It was longer, with deformed nostril airway in the mask and even the actual skull; thicker bones, with sharp teeth and tight-closed jaw; and with a superficies layer of powerful muscles and skin covering mask itself. Presumably, it was mainly used to bite off big pieces of raw meat and chomp it into smaller pieces before chewing again in actual mouth. Another use would be as a natural weapon during primal hunting and wars.

Nevertheless, such basic craft as cooking, and then future technological advancements, drastically reduced Tofar’s dependence on their bone masks even for food consumption. After thousands of years it shrinked, exposing mouth, and only basic muscles around still remain. Loosing or even badly damaging mask, hence exposing real face beneath it, is very embarrassing and shameful experience for Tofar, and they afraid of it more than pain and torture.


As a tribe Tofars learn to be devoted to a family, a pack and a nation, obeying orders of social hierarchy, and put interests of a group ahead of own ambitions with a strong incline for self-sacrifice from a young age… and as well they learned about deep-seated aversion towards their tribe, which became mutual and turning them isolationists.

During early Age of Crumbling Tofar kin were driven away from the Sea of Birth and Thigh Region by other tribes, for their erratic brutal nature and high prospects to turn Envious. As a result, a lot of their people were one the first to settle in unexplored and unstable regions of Her Gorgeousness, as castaway. Most of Tofar went south, founding first settlements there – they were forerunners of Noble Tofar; and centuries later, when they subdued their primal ferocity, would establish Kingdom of Bosom, alter growing to Realms of Bosom. Still their views on being civilized and courteous are differ to what most othertribe kins consider polite and amiable – they are aggressive and ruffian even among Royal family who represent themselves as the best of their kin.

Hair poses certain meaning in Noble Tofar society – higher status members grow it long and fashioning into various coiffures to indicate current sentiment or professional mood: hair gathered in a knob is neutral, a sign of fairness, or an indication of being engaged in important undertaking and not be disturbed for pity reasons; ponytail or single braid thrown over right shoulder is a sign of dominance, aggression, self-confidence and libido, or disapproval of circumstances; ponytail or a single braid thrown over left shoulder is a show of friendliness, respect, approval of current situation, willingness to act; setting hair loose means exactly that – being free of duties or responsibilities, in which case tilting head left or right is equivalent to what was previously described. It is also traditioned for Tofar who are married, engaged or not looking for relationship to retain at least some visible braids in public.

One of Noble Tofar’s belief, which spread and deepened in Bosom and Tum regions, is a physical and mental bonds we gain when eat food of the same source: from family eating dinner prepared on the same oven, to a nation eating bread made from the same harvest, but most importantly – all of us are always connected, as we all feed on what is bestowal and gathered from Her Gorgeous body.

Other Tofar, who were fierce and uncultured even for their own people (and still are), discarded themselves far north with other outcasts – they are called Ferals, and they earned this name rightfully at that time. Not a lot of their kind left now – throughout hardships of history many died in toxic wastelands, hot jungles and dry deserts of northern regions, from heat, hunger, deadly animals and plants, numerous Envasions of Jealous Beasts, and even storms manifested by the First Angel of Honor would take lives of many. Feral’s torment lasted even into current age, until thirteen century, when Tofar Chiefess-great-grandmother Tagara Fohr united hidden clans of her fellow kin before they all shamelessly succumbed to Serpent’s influence. She had the only dream – redemption: to prove her children loyal to Her Light even if animus by other tribes. Today Tagar’s dream is alive, today Feral Tofar are twice proclaimed citizens of Feet Republic, and many are ravenously committed to become Hunters in their mission to eradicate verminous Cult of the Snake and its malevolent stems that nest and incarnate in perilous lands of the Crus: because they see it as their duty to erase from existence shameful blots of their kin who despicably flocked to a false salvation.


If you look deeper, despite bestial temper Tofar can be brilliant in mind, well-educated and disciplined, but don’t ask them them to focus and participate in activities where significant precision, tidy, recurrence and calmness are required – it drives them really mad. You should especially worry that it is considered for modern, more polite, way of society they reluctantly force on themselves with repetitive values and artificial prohibitions of own nature is what irritating and vexing them the most, fueling their hotheaded temper. Even so today Tofar control their savagery better than their predecessors millennia ago, they still have the highest number of Envious and Abominations among Eight Major Tribes…

Abhorred by other and loathe these others, Tofar still chose to stay on the same side with them and live the same live as them – not for forgiveness, nor for fear of themselves… but for Her alone, because they are Her children too, Joyful and Gorgeous like Her. They understand own problem and from young ages they mold themselves to be ready to shred own life at the last moments of conscience rather than succumb to the Envy, betray our Allmother and serve to the Serpent; and they do so in horror of burden and dishonor they leave for sistren kin when they can’t control own body and thoughts anymore. In best case they hunt for Jealous Beats and Cultists of Envy, in hope to take as many heinous procreations with them as they seek death in fight; those who are too powerful to perish even this way still can ask to avoid feared fate in the most honorable way they recognize – death by breast smothering.

Nevertheless, Tofars ARE exalted by Our Joyful with the Aspect of Hope, vindicated by Her Light; and so, even the most mindless zealots of Red Capes do not dare to vacuously question rights to exist of other envy-pliable tribes like so did the Hegemony: if Tofar are blessed with Her Aspect – then still our Allmother loves them, and so She loves all of us with flaws we bear.


Current Population as of Year 1170 of the Age of Aspects: ~120,000,000

Four Great Nations Affinity: Realms of Bosom > Feet Republic > Empire of Hips and Thighs > Kingdom of Tum

Solemn Month: Bustegnis

Aspect: Hope


Av. Height: 175

Av. Weight: 75

Av. Age: 129


Av. Height: 183

Av. Weight: 82

Av. Age: 116

Av. Length: 23

Noble Tofar

Feral Tofar

Frisky but Rambunctious

Due to Mawls’ eyes and oral cavities taking up so much volume in their heads, less space is left for their brains, which makes Mawls… even if it sounds rude – the least intelligent of any tribes. On the other hand Engifted Mawls are usually more powerful because of low world insight. Too, their lower intelligence makes them least susceptible to Envy and Serpent’s influence as its directed into positivity side. Some people compare Mawl’s mindset to of a smarter puppy: hyperactive – they think fast, talk fast, and move fast, always restless and never let other to rest, it is a rare sight to see a Mawl depressed or angry, few turn Envious, and no known cases of an Abomination.

Nonetheless, the entire tribe still hold a grudge against Aspect of Candor after many generations. Some say that even her Aura of Submission doesn’t affect them anymore, though it is just uncommon conspiracy rumors.


Even so Mawls have just one eyeball, they actually have four optic nerves – one for each end of their X-shaped pupil, and each they can close independently. Nostrils are located in very corners of an eye, neighboring lacrimal sacs.

Mawls’ bodies are tolerant to harsh weather – can easily regulate temperature and adapt to sharp pressure changes; they can stay physically restless throughout whole day barely tired or out of breath, nor hungry, nor sweating, while narrowly burn through nutrients by recycling used energy and byproducts of inner chemicals reactions; with circadian rhythm lasting for around three days and an exceptionally long lifespan – all these attributed to unique compounds and hormones in their thick bodily fluids, which are toxic and highly hallucinogenic to sistren tribes, but also helpful in medicine (Mawl’s blood for example is often used to complete alltribe anesthesia, painkillers and antibiotics). In total of four elastic heart-like organs located in each breast and upper thigh to help with fluid circulation and recycling, hence Mawls often look voluptuous.

In general Mawls are the most genial and social of all tribes, but others try to reduce any interactions with them to a minimum, and some actually feel contempt towards Mawls for all troubles and annoyances they usually cause, majority of which are related to chemestry – even Mawls’ diet may include products which are very dangerous to other species, or environment itself, so certain prohibitions exist to prevent possible pollutions (they still can eat common food with no problem after all). Mawls’ biology is badly compatible with any other, but any health complication while communicating with them can be easily avoided with simple common precaution: it is not recommended to allow them directly contact with your body for too long (especially bright tips of their tendrils), as outer layer of their skin is infused with slow-acting venoms, thus wash your hands or take a shower the same day; don’t communicate and breathe the same air for too long either; nor drink or eat from the same source, and bring your own water if you visit Mawl dedicated districts just in case. In case you neglect all warning – don’t worry, at worst you will just get spaced-out or become mentally impaired for a short time… In case this happens, but you still can think even a little bit, avoid looking in their eyes and other bioluminescent body parts, it very likely will produce additional hypnotic effect on your brain.

At least microflora is as active as they are, and seldom fatal – most Mawl viruses and bacteria die in a few minutes outside of home biome (whilst foreign invaders and parasites promptly expire in Mawls’ adverse environment).

However there is a dismal fact – almost half othertribe children of Mawl futhers get chronically diseased with Cyan Rot, and with all medical knowledge we have, still no cure was found or was ever close, only a couple tribes are immune; and so, many othertribe sistren are avoiding Mawl-intertribe families.


Very friendly and tactile, expect Mawls to constantly cuddle, nuzzle and snuggle with you if you are even slightly amiable to them (for health safety keep in mind previous paragraphs); be aware though as some of them easily befriend with you – others as easily to indulge in irritating mischievous and rascal behavior towards you, not from detest but because it might seems fun and gaiety for their frivolous naughty mood. Worry not, they are weak on sexual and reproductive impulses even among themselves, but they still might be interested in fondling your splendid body. You just need to understand movements of tendrils on their backs as it is a secondary method of emotional expression, and they can barely control it.

Mawls also have an unhealthy interest in fur, wool and hair of other species, which Mawls themselves lack – they might obsessed with it so much they refuse to wear any clothes but ones made from animal fiber unless it is hard imposed on them by religious, professional or military standing, but even then they can throw tantrum.

Social problems with them may run beyond just personal relationship. Even if they are full of energy and always want to do something, the are not very productive, sometimes incompetent, nor can concentrate on a task and with their short attention span – Mawls are least desirable workforce for other tribes – anything, from administrative to manufacturing; but there still jobs where they are very prominent, like travel and entertainment agencies for their tireless sociability, or dangerous manual labor like deep mining for their adaptability to hazardous environments. At the end they rather prefer to fool around, having fun and work little as possible while celebrating various holidays and festivals they made for every day of the year.

Many believe that solitary Mawl society wouldn’t be as technologically and infrastructurally advanced as it is today, in multitribal world, and the core reason for that would be their mental and physical tolerance to harsh reality of existence and survival, rather than indolence or lesser intelligence – they would just have less reasons to progress in life they already consider delightful.

More than half of their tribe regard the Realms of Bosom as a homeland, mainly because of loyalty to Medali royal family (smarter puppy mindset?). Mawls are probably the only tribe who never despised or think ill of exiled tribes, even in primal period. It is always noted in old texts that they felt pity and wanted to make peace with every exiled kin, and reunite them with the rest of joint Meority for the “Greater Friendship” – as She intended they say. Maybe Mawls are not brightest in mind, but they understood well their ability to pacify other kins, which they abused to achieve this goal (until other tribes realized what was happening of course): the best of them were mediators, traveling traders, welcomed bringers of news and peacemakers between various outcast villages and isolator nations – faltering the division during violent times; but worst of them would lead cities and even small nations to ruin by constantly poisoning mind and body of their leaders, if not every citizen.

Though, when Aspects were begotten, Mawls were helpful for Herquisition to spread the Word of a New Age and Teachings of Aspects, along with early Herquisition absorbing some ideas and worldviews from Mawl’s society.


Current Population as of Year 1170 of the Age of Aspects: ~64,000,000

Four Great Nations Affinity: Realms of Bosom > Kingdom of Tum > Empire of Hips and Thighs > Feet Republic

Solemn Month: Neckus

Aspect: Happiness


Av. Height: 183

Av. Weight: 98

Av. Age: 234


Av. Height: 181

Av. Weight: 97

Av. Age: 226

Av. Length: 23




































“Females wear pants, futales wear skirts.”

Meoctal is the main numeral system for Meority in both spoken and written language, as the Eight is Her holy number, is Her holy symbol, representing Joy and Beauty, Integrity and Continuity. Though some other numeral system were tried to be introduced, but they are barely used outside of a task they were created for.

For example there was a so called “Decimal” system – last an only known users were long extinct tribe. Two main differences is: “ten” was the base of this system, which is greater than eight by two digits (so an additional digit symbols was created) and you write digit Zero with other digits to represent Decimal radix (instead of giving radix its own symbol like we have in Meoctal, where Zero is nothing, and its symbol represents nothing, so it is used nowhere else).

Here are examples of differences in writing Decimal and Meoctal radices and numbers close to them:

10 = 8

20 = 18

30 = 28

40 = 38

41 = 41

42 = 42

100 = 78

101 = 81

102 = 82

110 = 88

111 = 111

112 = 112

120 = 118

130 = 128

140 = 138

150 = 148

151 = 151

152 = 152

200 = 178

201 = 181

202 = 182

210 = 188

211 = 211

212 = 212

1000 = 778

1001 = 781

1002 = 782

1010 = 788

1011 = 811

1012 = 812

1100 = 888

1111 = 1111

1112 = 1112

A major reason why Decimal system certainly never would survived is how rooted Meoctal is in our language. When we say Century or a Meter – both would mean 64 in Decimal instead of a “100”, while a Millennium or a Kilometer would mean 512 instead of a “1000”, as a result complicating comprehensions and calculations of common information for very few users of Decimal system. If it was backwards then Decimal Century/Meter would count as 144 years in Meoctal, and a Millennium/Kilometer would be 1750 years.

One of the most important sciences in our multirtibal world, which sustain stable Meority, is the merging knowledge of Health, Medicine and Psychology to a single science of Tribiology. From Chemical restrictions and diet distinction to natural viruses and bacteria transmissions; from mental compatibility to behavioral conflicts. Understanding of biological differences of such massive tribe variety, their psychological and physical everyday interaction with each other, prevents disasters of extensive levels.

Love between members of two different tribes is not uncommon, and for some of them too it is possible to conceive a child. Though it is requires a tremendous luck under special circumstance, but child is always be of Mother’s tribe.

It all comes down to the Gift of Creation, bestowed to us by our Joyful and Gorgeous: the greater mother’s Gift, the greater her love for her partner and passion for their future progeny – the greater chance for successful conception. Exceptional vitality of Engifted readies mother’s egg for unnatural fertilization, and subjugation of reality radiating from withing her transforms othertribe haploid to a more suitable kind, allowing two incompatible gametes to unite.

Futher’s action barely affect the result, be she Engifted or not.

It is safe to tell that no fundamental biological changes or complication happen with intertribal children in general, there are no known chronic or mortal diseases and illnesses besides othertribe children of Mawl futhers, who have a chance to be born with Cyan Rot,

Long Multi-generational Intertribal maternity is also not explored, but the exceedingly notable and tremendously reassuring example would are Bonfure-Terfar, Tofar royal family of the Realms of Bosom: after more than a thousand years of Diarchy breeding with Medali family of Mawls they did not degrade physically nor mentally, the only changes are color of their fur, which today is silver with blue shadow, and no more cases of Cyan Rot in centuries.





















“Standing straight on its legs… mouth open wide beyond mouth itself… and there is more of them all over her body… sharp teeth everywhere… I don’t hear her speaking… but I know I can smell her words… they reek of deep see, of a rotten fish… Is she mourning? Or praying? Or cursing? She screams, never whispers… word of Anger and Rage and Hate and Malice…Blasphemous words denigrate and disparage Joy… and light… all colors… its shining from every orifice… As bright as the scream itself… But it is not beautiful light, it is ugly… fake… perversion of Her Light… it is gooey, thick as tar… she spitting it… and berries grow inside same cavities, they discharge sweet colorful oil… she offer to eat one, to lick some… I will scream too… but I am already deaf – made myself… I can still taste her spit… I can still hear her…”

Cursed murmurs of a Martyr 1531, let her repentance and sacrifice be the forgiveness for past betrayal; Eight times rewritten and purified by Herquisition; describing unholy visions of an Abomination of the Cult of Carp.

Cursed image of an Abomination of the Cult of Carp; Eight times redrawn and purified by Herquisition; First depicted by a Martyr 1531, let her repentance and sacrifice be the forgiveness for past betrayal.

It is… Ooou It is! It is an apparition of a snake, with many feet… but not feet they are… it is a mockery of gentle beauty… crooked twisted toes – like a centipede this snake is… infinite pairs… crawling in perilous mist… It is crawling… and with each step a fusion of metal and flesh pierce through its prey, melding with it… not thorns, but gnawed nails… and snake dosns’t devour, nor prey is dead… …how egoistic… snake enjoys this pain! Aaoo pain! flowers grow on a pierced body – in its mouth, in its eyes… nose and ears too… and from wounds and skin itself… and petals of these flowers are same as petal that fill empty eye sockets of the snake, and crown its head – fingers, toes, nails… long, pox-colorful, scrawny, twisting, wicked toes… Always trying to grab onto something… scratching on skin… Oouo! How selfish they are, these fingers… Snake smiles, its laughs! Its prey laughs too now… In agony to please that creature! Let it bite you… Let it feast… let it penetrate with all of its fists! Ahaaa-ha-ha!”

Cursed murmurs of a Martyr 1219, let her repentance and sacrifice be the forgiveness for past betrayal; Eight times rewritten and purified by Herquisition; describing unholy visions of an Abomination of the Cult of Snake.

Cursed image of an Abomination of the Cult of Snake; Eight times redrawn and purified by Herquisition; First depicted by a Martyr 1129, let her repentance and sacrifice be the forgiveness for past betrayal.






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