It is better to start first devlog with the very beginning and all important moment in drawing that affected the World I will be creating now:

The year was somewhere a middle of 200x-s, mom bought me a book “How to Draw Comics”, but the only thing I read and remember was how to draw buff muscular hero-man in a very poor way. It is then my first OC was created; name was Drodo ‒ which was a merge between Frodo from The Lord of The Rings and Droideka from Star Wars, because both movies were trending back then. The only thing I can remember about how he looked is his face, something like this:

Some Years Later I played Warcraft 3 for the first time (I think it was after Frozen Throne release), and so my first OC race was made ‒ the Tree-people… and as you can expect, they looked the same as the Lord of The Rings Ents, but with Night Elf colors…

Shortly after, I played Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, and as you know, my active interest in Warhammer 40000 lasted for 2 decade. It indeed will affected the world I make: I tried to keep it Grim Dark as much as I can (but with tits and butts and cute woman jiggling around it is not that Dark nor Grim anymore), highly religious (at least this is prominent), Ideologically divided (rivalry between Tits and Butts) but unified under a Global Threat (Those who don’t like Tits and Butts).

Sometimes later I played Heroes of Might and Magic 5, and this was indeed pushed me to make fully first OC world. Medieval setting, with Many Races/factions based on nature elements were thought and drawn: I can remember water, fire, earth, air, thunder, plant/life, decay/rust, light, darkness/death, metal, gravity… The Planet would be massive – the size of 10 suns! And I wanted to draw it in every detail! Every city, every street, every house… but you can guess why I dropped that Idea. I even started writing a book in that world, I think 10+ pages were finished.

Around this time my parents bought me my first drawing tablet, which originally I didn’t use for some time because I though that I will easily became famous by traditional means.

Eventually that first OC world was changed – I became disinterested in Fantasy and leaned more to Sci-Fi. Only 4 elemental races were left, no humans: Fishmen, Beastmen, Birdmen, Lizardmen; and Ancients who went (not) extinct – they could shapeshift, see/hear/talk/smell with the skin instead of usual ways, they also created these four races as cute pets, all the planets and Sun itself; main/home planet was the engine of this solar system, because it didn’t travel through Universe, it was moving Universe around itself.

There is a lot of stuff I made for this OC World, some Lore was written, some language was created, some Art was made… like these:

During this time I was also writing a new book, for a separate “franchise”. It was about “Green” postapocalyptic Earth. Almost 200 pages were written for the first book, while I wanted to write 3. Multiple characters on every continent would eventually meet in one place, beat the bad mutant guy who lords over all of humanity, and find out about… the third franchise, which was about humanity before it arrived on Earth. The third franchise would act dozens of thousands years in the past, about galactic conflict of humans and… Fishmen, Beastmen, Birdmen, Lizardmen from the first franchise dozens of thousands years later, because they want to revenge bad mutant guy who lords over all of humanity… and do you know who is the bad mutant guy? The last surviving Ancient from the first franchise!

Eventually I immigrated, started to work and then had no time nor interest to continue this.

Many years would past, and during these years I would understand that human brains can create the same patterns and ideas even if separated by half of the globe. Like, at the end, my Fishmen race had these distinct features: electricity, invisibility, four arms, a lot of pirates with spears and blades and sniper rifles, round shapes on building and armor… that is a very close combination of the Fallen from Destiny that was released years later… Additionally during these years sometimes I unintentionally would create something that eventually helped me to fulfill my new OC world in this past year… like [Redacted] or [Redacted]…

So, after more than a decade, a one special day happened when I decided to try again…

But this story is for the next time…

It was October 2022… I was sleeping and seeing a dream, and in that dream I saw Metroidvania about a war between Kingdom of Tits and Kingdom of Butts… It could be because I overplayed Hollow Knight and RainWorld at that time, but…

I woke up and I was like “he-he funny horny game”. During next few days I was occasional thinking how this game would actually look like if it was real. Hot deserts of Kingdom of Abs were added between first two kingdoms, and so bad ugly creatures who would be a global threat to unite all three kingdoms. At the end I imagined gameplay more like Unicorn Overlord looks now.

Then, I remembered something. I opened one of my drawers and found what I was looking for because It was always there after a decade ‒ a big folder with all of my saved concepts for my first OC world. Barely anything was useful at the end, but at that time I was thinking: “Shall I try again?…”

A couple days latter I announced my new goal, if you can remember that day.

I started brainstorming all ideas for why this world looks like that, why people are horny there and seriously fight for Boobs and Butts, what races can live there, what factions, etc.

Gladly for me, some of such things I already created in years and months way back.

I was shitposting passage from the Bible of Thicc Thighs on Twitter, like this:

Adam and Eve, by the Church of Thicc Thighs:

A Serpent, creature with no legs, and therefore neither Thighs or Ass, was jealous of Eve’s massive Damptruck, that was blessed by the Thigh-God. It convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and so Eve ate that fruit and eating that fruit gave Eve a pair of huge mommy milkies.

And so Eve was the first to sin, as tits themselves are the sin, and she bears them now. And so Adam was the second to sin, as enjoying tits is a sin, and he enjoyed them.

And Thigh-God looked at that and said:

“You had a massive Damptruck, that was blessed by me. But now you have sinful Tits… and Adam now look only at your sinful Tits, instead of your Fat Ass or Thicc Thighs, that were blessed by me.” And so, Thigh-God then banished them from the Garden of Thighs, never to return.

Since that day we are all sinners, as we all cursed to enjoy these disgusting… sinful… these soft and warm… these beautiful Tits! But I believe that one day we will reject them, together, and be welcomed back to the Garden of Thighs… to the Field of Ass…

or this:

Bible of the T H I C C thighs;

On the first day God said, “Let there be Thighs”; and there were Thighs. And God divided the right Thigh from the left Thigh; and God saw both Thighs, that they were good, because they were T H I C C.

On the second day God said, “Let there be a buttocks that can hold these Thighs together”. Thus God made the buttocks, and divided the right cheek from the left cheek; and it was so. And they were good, because they were T H I C C.

On the third day God said, “Let there be “Taco” between those cheeks”; and it was so. And God saw that it was good, and slapped those cheeks, because they were T H I C C.

On the fourth day God said, “Let there be knees under T H I C C Thighs, and shins, and feet”; and it was so. And God called them legs. And God saw that they were good, because now T H I C C thighs can walk and step on you.

On the fifth day God said, “Let there be belly, and chest, and shoulders, and arms, and face; and let two big tiddies hang from there”; and it was so. And God saw that they were good, but not as good as Thighs. Then God saw Thighs that He had made, and indeed they were very good.

On the Sixth day God blessed T H I C C thighs, saying, “Step on bodies of those who deserve, sit on faces of those who deserve, choke those who deserve. You are my greatest creation and I relish from you”.

Those T H I C C thighs were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested between T H I C C thighs. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested between T H I C C thighs.

And you will see why these passages were helpfull…

Additionally, some humanization and r63 fanart I did was helping me to fulfill ideas for races and factions (this is for future devlogs).

So I made a map first. This was THE MOST important part, a foundation for everything. Availability of resources, environmental safety, threats of the Evil ‒ it all affected how races would settle, interact and form nations; how nations and faction would build their cultures and affect others; how story through thousands of years would shape the world it is now. As the Lore was growing more stuff was making sense, most of it unintentionally actually. Like a small fact would fulfill another fact, not just add more. And then I continuously created…

As you read my DevLog 2 and compare the Thigh Bible Passages to what current Genesis/Lore/Premise is, you can see how my inspirations was working. By creating such foundation I made many points of this world more credible: why the world looks like a hot female body besides just “accidentally”; why every person worship for a singular Allmother, and consider some part of her body more sacred than other; why there are evil creatures envious of tits and butts of other hot girls.


My second important decision was to choose a main time period which will be explored and presented. Originally it was a medieval setting, but being fun of Warhammer 40000 I moved far into the future… Then I scaled back because I wanted to keep it all grounded on the same planet. And so there are 4 timelines to present:


Main Timeline.

There will be a lot to explore, so I will leave it for future Lore instead of Devlog but some points are:

It is closer to modern era, with technological aesthetics varying and mixing between 19-20-21th Earth centuries, because some technological state of Earth is not possible on this world. Crude Oil don’t exist on Meorenell same like on Earth, so there was no massive petrol-fueled automobile boom or plastic bug/bottle factories. The polymer production exist through different ways, but because it is less-efficient it is also limited to most important industries where it is needed. Main ways of land transportation would be either Beast-drawn vehicles for short travels, or trains for long ones (many of them are still steam/coal powered outside of cities). Though, electricity was discover already, and started to be actively used: capital cities are fully powered, with a lot of Railway electrification and banned Beast-drawn vehicles to prevent drowning in animal poop. Internet is limited in efficiency as it is new technology for now, and I haven’t decided how powerful computers are yet.

What really dictates technological progress is Herquisition order, with a branch which is in charged of approving or banning stuff (like Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer). Most of times they forbid anything that hurts Her Gorgeous Body, hence no satellites or space rockets are made yet – because they all would be made from Her flesh, and that means sending chunks of Her flesh away from Her body, which is Blasphemous; they also forbid any artillery to be used in war for it also hurts Her body, but they allow mining and quarries, because extraction of that material is used for creation, not a result of war.


Smaller Timelines.

Two other timelines that I can venture back to and explore would be Primal and Great Strife.

Primal one is the beginning of the Age of Crumbling, some first centuries after Meora’s passing and birth of all Tribes. Very primitive technologies, less cultural civilization, massive natural disasters in newborn environment, first Envasions of Serpent’s offsprings… and a lot of muscular hot half-naked girls wearing bones and hides of killed dangerous beast…

Great Strife is the end of the Age of Crumbling and the beginning of the Age of Aspects. Medieval setting, so it is an opportunity to dwell into a theme of hot half-naked girls wearing medieval armor.


Fourth Timeline.

The final one, into far far future. Shall I decide to stop working on this World, this should be the ending, so I have nothing to say about it because I don’t want to think about it myself.

Those of you who follow me for a few years already know who are Ardem based on – Ara de Mona, Spider-Vampire-Demon Nun-Nurse, my old OC I haven’t used in many months even before committing to OC World. So I decided to re-give her a greater purpose…

Ardem Sketch

I didn’t change a lot in Ardem design from Ara de Mona design, though I wanted to add carapace during first sketches, alike to crabs, but decided to stray back to entirely smooth skins and give carapace-thing to a different tribe. What I really did is added more explanations to anatomy I never explain with Ara de Mona: how she breath without nose (because mouth is not for breathing!), what are these smaller eyes, how she makes web, etc. When developing personality of Ardem tribe I kept Ara’s personality too – horny and seggs-focused all the way through, the most horniest tribe of all from the start.

At first I was considering for Feet Affinity to be higher in rank than Hips and Thighs Affinity (because spiders have many legs), but I also incorporated Church of Thighs from Ara’s background into Ardem society since it is already part of the world to begin with, so Hips and Thighs Affinity is at the top for them (and because spiders have huge butts too); also, the Empire of Hips and Thighs being the biggest of Four Great Nations means Ardem can have a massive land to populate, which would be a problem if it was any other smaller nation.

When it comes to genetic groups and their personality/coloration, it is simple:

Ardem De are original design, so they are basic Ardem like Ara de Mona. Ardem Va – based of wasps and some bugs from Starship Troopers, and how bloody violent both are. Ardem Al – albino (to compliment red eyes), originally they would be the bloodthirsty ones (to compliment white skin), but since Va already exist I change their personality to a self-pain aroused. Ardem Do – based on Giant House Spiders that were roaming around my room at the time I was developing Ardem tribe…

Regarding clothing design, it is a mix of Regular Goth, Cyber Goth, some straps and BDSM gear designs and a little bit of Neon bits. Additionally, because the Empire of Hips and Thighs has Roman Empire as one of aesthetics, I try to use Roman sandals as a base design for footwear since there a lot of strap on them.

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